Advanced Motion Analysis

Andrew S. Klayman B.Sc.,D.P.M. offers in Canada Advanced Motion Analysis technology. Advanced Motion Analysis is technology merging digital video with intelligent video analysis software to produce a scientific gait analysis. The video footage is used for capturing movements in the areas of biomechanics and sports. This video footage is evaluated for the quality of movement by analysis tools to provide 2D measurements such as angles and distances which are used to assess and compare movements. The software also has an extensive knowledge data base comparing the symptoms and patients complaints to the video producing a diagnostic report.

Advanced Motion Analysis

Advanced motion analysis is an exciting new technology for gait analysis. This technology allows us to capture on digital video the kinematic measurements of the gait cycle while on a treadmill. These angles can be analyzed with the intelligent video management system creating a dramatic scientific measurement of the gait cycle. The Advanced Motion Analysis system provides a video diagnostic tool which is up-to-date using the latest video and imaging technology to examine the gait cycle.


  1. Digital video capture : possible to record a sequence of videos and analyze in slow motion.
  2. Analysis and drawing Tools: the possibility to evaluate the quality of movement by means of graphs and tracking lines which can be transparently overlaid on the video, helping one mark or highlight important biomechanical situations.
  3. Compare movement between right and left foot and lower extremity.
  4. Quantify with anatomical angular relationship between segments of each foot and leg.
  5. Intelligent video management software to analyze video and determine limits of normality and abnormality during all phases of the gait cycle.
  6. Scientific analysis of all phases of gait cycle with data that is interpreted to correct all biomechanical faults observed during video capture

Assess and Mark movements