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Ingrown nails can be one of the most painful foot conditions. It is a very common condition treated at the Klayman Podiatry Orthotic and Laser Clinic. The medical terminology for an ingrown toe nail is called  Onychcryptosis, the medical terminolgy for an infected toe nail the term is called a Paronychia. The nail plate may be curved into the skin, or the skin may be enlarged and folds into the nail plate.

Symptoms of an ingrown nail usually start as a mild pain along the side of the toenail. In time the soft tissue will start to swell and turn red in colour, there may be an infection if it becomes warm, painful, with drainage and bleeding seen in your socks which is caused by a granuloma along the side of the nail plate. An Ingrown nail is more common in the big toe, but may occur in the lesser digits.

Causes of an ingrown nail may be multi-factorial. An ingrown nail may be caused by genetics, improper shoe gear, foot biomechanics, diseased nail plate, improper trimming of nails, and local trauma to the nail plate.

Podiatric Care of ingrown nail may include the use of oral or topical antibiotics and soaking the foot in Epsom salt in warm water to prevent or treat an infection in the toe. For some ingrown nails the offending nail can be trimmed back to see if it will grow straight but unfortunately more often then not, if you have an ingrown nail, or history of a recurrent ingrown nail a micro procedure may be required to remove the offending nail corner. permanently.

Procedure At Klayman's Ingrown Nail Centre: 

Surgery to an ingrown is a very common procedure in the podiatry office of Andrew S Klayman B.Sc.,D.P.M. . Andrew S Klayman training includes post graduate residency  at Stanford University Medical Centre in California . In The Klayman Ingrown Nail Centre thousands of procedures have been performed with over 20 years of clinical experience.  The Ingrown Nail Surgery is frequently performed under local anesthetic in our state of the art podiatric office. The discomfort of having an ingrown is much more unpleasant than having the injection to the toe. A pre-anesthetic is topically applied prior to the injection and after that the toe is completely frozen. Today this procedure can be done without cutting the skin avoiding scars, sutures and post-operative pain. The ingrown nail border is removed non-traumatically with preservation of most of the nail plate and then the nail matix is destroyed not allowing for the re-growth of the offending nail border. After the procedure, the toe is wrapped with sterile gauze with instruction to soak in Epsom salt and application of an antibiotic cream. There are little restrictions post-operatively with the ability to to return to normal activities.

Preventing Ingrown Toenails

Many cases of ingrown toenails may be prevented by following these two important tips:

  • Trim your nails properly. Cut your toenails in a fairly straight line, and don't cut them too short. You should be able to get your fingernail under the sides and end of the nail.
  • Avoid poorly-fitting shoes. Don't wear shoes that are short or tight in the toe box. Also avoid shoes that are loose, because they too cause pressure on the toes, especially when you run or walk briskly.

The Truth About Home Treatment

Myth: Cutting a notch (a "V") in the nail will reduce the tendency for the nail to curve downward.

Truth: Cutting a "V" does not affect the growth of the toenail. New nail growth will continue to curve downward.


Myth: Repeated trimming of the nail borders is a good way to treat ingrown toenails.
Truth: Repeated nail trimming fails to correct future nail growth and can make the condition worse.

Myth: Cotton placed under the nail will relieve the pain.
Truth: Cotton placed under the nail can be harmful. It can easily harbor bacteria and encourage infection.

Myth: You can buy effective ingrown toenail treatments at the drug store.
Truth: Over-the-counter topical medications may mask the pain, but they fail to address the underlying problem.

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